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Today we did some puppet voices they were fun.

                                                                          by Cole
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basketball at ASB STADIUM

Yesterday we went to ASB STADlUM to play basketball. We won all of our 4 games. It was a fun day.

Seeing Richie Patterson

Yesterday Richie Patterson came to Edgewater College hall. He show us some of his videos. He is a weightlifter. l like his gold medal.  he show us how to weightlifter. He sign some of his Olympic Ambassador cards he give us.

Yesterday I went with my friends to Rainbows end in Manukau.
Me and my friends had fun at Rainbows End.
My favourite ride was all of them.

Emirates team New Zealad

Emirates team New Zealand bring home the American cup. Today they are having a party. this is the map of Auckland.


“Edgewater TV News” (When/Where/Who/What/Why)
Hi my name is Cole from Edgewater T.V
On the 4 of July 2017 the Watermelon craze is hitting the internet all over the world. People are cutting watermelon out and making them into dressing
It is the watermelon dress it appear people wearing the fruit. The instagram Flooded with images.
Have you seen the watermelon craze that is hitting the internet. All you need is a slice of watermelon and a camera. Instagram has been flooded with images of the sweet optical illusion, where people appear to be wearing the fruit. People around the world are getting creative, shaping the watermelon slices into flattering frocks. In order to get a great watermelon dress picture you have to make sure you’re far enough away to create the optical illusion. The distance and focus have to be just right. Too close and it doesn’t work.